digital food

Programm: May 3rd, 9:00 - 13:00 (This event will be in German)

@German Museum of Technology
9:00 - 13:00: Digital Food (In German)
8:30     Warming Up
9:00     Intro & welcome
Katie Gallus (Moderator & Geographer)
Markus Roman (Editor, foodservice/FoodService Europe & Middle East/gv-praxis)
9:15     Keynote & discussion
Verena Bahlsen (Co-founder, Hermann's): A good future for the food industry: a proposal how we can change our food system without illusions
10:00   Keynote
Paul Gebhardt (Co-founder, GuruCollective): The future of food delivery: how ghost restaurants replace classic restaurants
10:30   Impulse
Christian Hamerle (Manager, Data Kitchen in DataSpace by SAP): Slowfood fast – technology for deceleration
11:00   Break
11:30   Impulse
Steffen Schütze (Owner, Metzgerei Hack) & Michi Kasper (Kasper Communications): Modern butcher marketing with the help of social media
12:00   Impulse
Katharina Blöcher (CRM Consultant; PhD Candidate at University of Leipzig): CRM@gastronomy: Digital service innovations and new ways of marketing

12:45   Wrap up and farewell
In collaboration with dfv media group and dfv conference group
*subject to change